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Radon mitigation is an incredibly important service in Wisconsin and Minnesota as radon gas kills around 21,000 people every year in the US alone. Radon is a naturally occurring soil gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. As radon rises from the soil, it becomes trapped under man made structures such as your home! Once trapped, radon will seep in through cracks and gaps in the foundation, the sump crock, or an open crawl space. Due to radon’s density, it tends to collect in the lower levels of the home and slowly decays. When inhaled, the radioactive particles can attach to your lungs and ultimately cause lung cancer. If you have had a radon test done at your home and the readings show a level of 4.0pCi/L or above, you should take action.

Our technicians work tirelessly to install the most effective and long lasting radon mitigation systems possible. Testing your home for this deadly soil gas and implementing a radon mitigation system to ensure radon can no longer enter can save your life! We are certified for radon testing and radon mitigation and our friendly staff is eager to help you and your family today!

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Radon Mitigation Systems

The most common and effective form of radon mitigation is active soil depressurization (ASD). Active soil depressurization is the most ideal form of mitigation because it does not allow the rising radon gasses to enter, instead the gases are diverted at the source and vented safely above the roofline to dissipate. To achieve active soil depressurization, methods called sub-slab depressurization, drain-tile depressurization, and sub membrane depressurization are utilized depending on the home’s construction. 

Sub-slab depressurization

A typical sub-slab depressurization system consists of 3”-4” PVC piping, a high quality radon mitigation fan, and a manometer to measure the radon systems effectiveness. The piping for the system starts in the basement as we core a hole into the slab to create a collection point. Once the collection point has been dug under the home, the piping is sealed down and routed to either the exterior or through the garage. Per EPA guidelines, the radon fan must be placed either on the exterior, or a non conditioned living space such as the garage. Once the fan is in place, the piping for the radon system is routed up above the roofline to vent into the air and to prevent re-entry into the home. Multiple collection points and more powerful radon fans are sometimes necessary on larger homes, or if the soil is exceptionally compact. 

Drain-tile depressurization

When a home has a sump crock with drain-tile, that system can be used to help mitigate the home. The build of a drain-tile depressurization system is the same as a sub-slab depressurization with the exception of the entry point into the slab. Drain-tile depressurization systems can be installed either into the sump crock, or directly into the drain-tile by coring a hole into the slab along the wall of an unfinished portion of the basement. By using the drain-tile as a collection point, the radon system is able to draw air out from the entire footprint of the basement with ease. This is the most effective form of active soil depressurization and is used in every home that has drain-tile available. 

Sub-membrane depressurization

Sub-membrane depressurization is implemented in homes that have an open dirt or gravel crawl space that is accessible from the basement. Open crawl spaces are a major source of radon entry into a home and need to be sealed air tight for radon mitigation to work. With sub-membrane depressurization, the crawlspace is sealed with a specialized vapor barrier and the piping for the radon system is attached to the barrier to vent out the trapped radon gasses. For most homes, sub-membrane depressurization is used in tandem with either sub-slab depressurization or drain-tile depressurization depending on whether or not the home has a sump crock. 

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Radon Mitigation Companies Near Me

It is crucial to choose a certified radon mitigation company to perform any radon related work on your home. Certified radon mitigation experts use the highest quality materials and follow a set of standards that ensure your safety. Using an uncertified contractor to perform radon mitigation on your home can result in foundation damage, radon re-entry, carbon monoxide poisoning, and shoddy workmanship. Straight Answer Radon Mitigation is certified by (CERTIFICATION), and we use the highest quality radon mitigation fans on the market (Festa AMG). When you choose us for your radon mitigation project, you can be sure that your radon levels will be low for years to come. We guarantee it! Call us today to experience the Straight Answer Radon Mitigation difference.

Radon Mitigation Cost

Every proper radon mitigation system should be custom built to fit the needs of the home. For that reason, the price for mitigation can vary from home to home. Generally, a radon mitigation system will cost you anywhere from $800-$1500 including the labor, materials, and subsequent re-testing. The main factors that influence the price of a radon mitigation system are; the size of the home, the existence of a gravel or dirt crawlspace, and the radon levels present. Our pricing is considered the most competitive in the area and we take pride in keeping our prices low to help more families stay safe from the dangers of radon gas. Give us a call right now for a free quote!

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